Is Caliplus ( a Scam?

Of all the sex sites I’ve seen, has to cut it as one of the better ones. Not only did it look very professional, the ad copy made a hell lot of sense! If everything was true, this particular male enhancement penis enlargement pill could be the real deal! I was particularly impressed with their Live Chat support. They even had a number I could call. Nonetheless, I was very skeptical because I have had experiences with Online Sex Pill suppliers who accept payment but do not send product. I really wanted to know if Male Enhancer Pills who sells Caliplus is a scam.

I decided to see if the stuff was for real. I ordered a pack from them last Friday.  Some info on that here:

Caliplus Male Enhancer Pills Order Now Form

Caliplus Male Enhancer Pills Order Now Form

As I was horny as hell, I picked the express ship option via DHL/Fedex. Paid an extra US$24 for that… What was really cool was that the morning after I placed the order, I received a phonecall from saying, “We’re just sending out your order, and would like to confirm that your address is XXXXXXXX, your phone number is XXXXXX to ensure it gets to you properly, and your email is XXXXXXXX, as I’ll be sending you info on how you can track your package with DHL.”

Is Caliplus a scam? Apparently not. Here's the DHL Parcel I received.

Is Caliplus a scam? Apparently not. Here's the DHL Parcel I received.

How cool is that! I first thought that if the package’d come at all, it’d be via Fedex as DHL has a rather firm stance toward sex-related products. Like, the last time I ordered a Fleshlight and had it sent to ComGateway, the freight forwarder I usually use, I was told that DHL, their official courier, wouldn’t deliver it to me!

So, for them to use DHL, they’ve gotta be pretty damn legit. On a tuesday, just 3 days, and 1 working day after I placed the order, the package arrived at my workplace! DHL even had this really cool service – they smsed me the morning the penis pills were in my country, and again right after it was delivered to me.

I popped 3 Caliplus tabs as suggested by, and within 9 minutes, I felt a throbbing sensation in my loins. The perineum (shaft between my balls and anus – an extension of the penis) was also expanding and hardening. I did feel slightly light-headed too, common with any other pills I’ve taken. And I just decided to go check on my wiener in the gents, but even as I got off my seat from my workplace cubicle… DAMN, I HAD A BONER! And I wasn’t even thinking of anything perverted!

I thought Instant Hot Rod Extreme ( was instant, this was even faster!

In the bathroom, I found that my rod was REAL THICK, and it was warm! And it didn’t go away for a while either… I had to hunch as I walked back to my work cubicle.

Bottom line.. this stuff works.. I’m gonna fill you in on a field report of my next orgasm on this.


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