My First Caliplus-Aided Orgasm!

Does Caliplus from Male Enhancer Pills ( really work?  My First Caliplus-Aided Orgasm! Here’s my field report.

I’m 27 this year, in case you’re wondering. I don’t think you can really be too young for any of these penis enlargement / male enhancement sex pills. I mean, anyone could do with better erections right? And better sex too..

I’ve been taking sex pills for many months now. Not that I’m reliant or anything – as there are still the times that I’m too lazy to, or didn’t bring them out. But I generally enjoy how with the help of these enhancement pills, I can be harder, fuck for longer, and cum more.

Caliplus Male Enhancer Penis Enlargement Pills

Caliplus Male Enhancer Penis Enlargement Pills

No doubt I had sex with a fuck buddy on Monday, but when the pills came in on Tuesday, I knew I had to try them out! As my two fuck buddies weren’t free, I went online and booked me a hooker from Romania. The babe was only 19. Snow white skin, taut midriff, long curly hair, two handfulls of boobs and a smooth perky ass.. A REALLY GOOD FUCK.

The thing about these younger girls is that, they’re so HOT and SO TIGHT. It’d be the ultimate test of the Caliplus Male Enhancer Pills I got from , as I’d then know for sure if the shit was good. Two top fears whenever I meet a really hot babe. 1) Do I have what it takes to drive her wild? 2) Can I even keep my cum in?

Her name was Anastasia, not sure if that’s her real name. Hot as hell! Her lips were thick and so tight on my cock as she blowed me. I knew I was in for a good time. She told me that I had a really hard cock. Boy… I was harder than usual! My penis head / glans penis was so engorged and swollen. The next concern.. whether it’d be too good a time for me to make the most of it. It really sucks when you bed some really hot chick and you cum within 5 minutes.

Then she was riding me and rocking her hips back and forth even as she moved up and down.. My hands were already spread out by my sides, instead of on her, as I thought if I even touched her boobs, I might get too stimulated to hold it in.

Minutes passed.. Still didn’t cum! I didn’t even have to jam my perineum (shaft between balls and anus). Then I swapped her over, and we did Doggy and Missionary as well. 20 mins passed.. still didn’t cum! OMG.. felt like a SEX GOD. I was still thick in her pussy, and just jamming her again and again.

Finally, after a good 34mins, she was beginning to gasp and cry that her pussy was hurting.. That got me so turned on I fucked her even harder and I came in 4 or 5 bursts in her (within a condom of course). Heavenly. Go get it..


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