Even Sex Pill Sites Have Their Drama…

I’ve been ordering Instant Hot Rod Extreme pills from InstantHotRodExtreme.com ever since I discovered them 2 months ago. To date, I’ve just made my 3rd order! Service has always been prompt, and the site operators got back to me on the stupidest questions especially when I was ordering for the first time!

So I stumbled upon this forum (http://www.laksaboy.org/forums/showthread.php?t=3773) and I found it rather shocking.

Many bros had ordered Instant Hot Rod Extreme male enhancement penis enlargement pills from another website online and did not receive their orders even after 3 weeks! They email us to ask if we can provide them support and help trace their order.

Well, there are many charlatans and con-artists masking themselves as us, Instant Hot Rod Extreme. Clearly, it is proof that our product works. Thus, other sites would even conceive to scam innocent parties based on the idea that they will receive our product. Some of these sites have even weaseled into search engine techniques to poach our site customers.

To date, we have received at least 5 such emails from customers who first visited our website, but subsequently purchased from copycat sites. Unfortunately, we have zero contact with these site operators, most of whom are not even running legit business. Some of these sites to watch out for include WWW.HOTRODXTREME.COM and WWW.INSTANTHOTRODPRO.COM. We have information that the former site has already been taken down, and we are working on claiming intellectual rights on the latter site for blatantly stealing our images, text and graphics. Some tell-tale signs are malfunctioning links and order forms. Others signs includes promotions that had already ended and/or sold at a cheaper rate.

To be safe and ensure that you receive good support on your Instant Hot Rod Extreme purchases, always only purchase from WWW.INSTANTHOTRODEXTREME.COM.

So here’s the original. Note the graphics.

Original Instant Hot Rod Extreme Site

Original Instant Hot Rod Extreme Site

Here’s the fake. See the resemblance in graphics? If Instanthotrodextreme.com gets a legal injunction on the latter site, it’d be hilarious..

Copycat Graphics - as found on Scam Site Instanthotrodpro.com. Even their contact page is dead.

Copycat Graphics - as found on Scam Site Instanthotrodpro.com. Even their contact page is dead.


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