why do i have sex everyday?

Apart from the obvious addiction i find that after being exposed to a number of sex pills it because I CAN. The first time i took sex pills i found it quite annoying that there were no reviews for any of the sex pills so i decided that i wanted to create a blog about my sexual exploitations.

Recently i have been going to this killer website called www.laksaboy.org and what is so awesome about them is that you can click on any banner inside the sg escort thread and see the girls right away. recently i have been going to this one called Bonk Society. hahaha what a name right! but they got some hot ass girls and they are so reasonable. here a picture of one that i recently fucked!!

Here is my rating for her

Looks 10/10 she looks really close to a picture
boobs 8/10 small but nice shape
Blow job 10/10 The best job by an Asian i ever had
Fuck 9/10 she rocked my world haha
over all 10/10 Don’t usually give a ten but this one worked for it.

Any way what really makes my sessions last longer is if I use pills right now i am using Instant hot rod extreme and i works like a dream.

For me it only took 20 minutes to work and i was hard as a fucking rock. My stamina increased like 100 percent. I lasted about an hour for the first time I came and then it only took me 15 minutes to recover. so if you ever get a chance to try instant hot rod extreme don’t let up on the chance.

so till next time

Fuck long!  Fuck hard!



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