Does Revival for men really work?

Ever since I started to have erectile dysfunction I began searching the World Wide Web as well as some sex stores to find the ultimate pill that makes me both harder and bigger. I have tried them all from Bali Mojo to Horney goat weed and even more that I can’t remember. Over the course of time I have come to understand the ingredients the manufactures use to make these pills work and I have done my research extensively.


Many people think that everything they buy on the Internet is going to be a scam, but this is not the case at all. This is because the Internet has revolutionized the sex pill industry and it allows both good and bad manufactures to easily market their product with out having to deal with physical stores to hold their products.


So does revival for men really work?


The first thing you must always do is check who the manufacturer is that makes the brand of pill. Simply type the words “revival for men” into Google and in this instance you will find that the manufactures are the same people that brought you xp tongkat ali.


Xp tongkat ali was the pill that was surrounded with controversy and eventually band around the world, because the pill actually contained Cialias which is exactly like Viagra and is a controlled substance. Using Cialias can cause death if consumed to much or if taking a nitrate medication which is used to treat heart problems.


Their promise of an all-natural pill was completely false and have had to take down their website and stop sales through out the world.


Revival for men seems to be a repackaged product and here is why


All the ingredients such as tongkat ali, Horney goat weed, maca extract, and   cordyceps extract work after prolong periods of time. These ingredients do not work immediately and take prolonged exposure to work, sometime over 6 months or longer.  However revival for men claims that it will work in less than 60 minutes.


I highly suspect that this manufacturer is back to their old tricks selling controlled substances discussed as herbal products. However you do not have to take my word for it but simply buy a pack and submit it to HSA or your local health and safety board for testing, and you will find out that this pill is not only NOT herbal but can be very dangerous to your health.


You should only buy herbal products online if they have been tested in a laboratory and they will clearly state this in their website if they have done this.


Please think of your health first before buying any herbal sex pills online .










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